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10 Best Birthday Party Ideas in 2020

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What better way to lit your party up than using your own imagination and include the latest 2020’s trends? Exactly! However, one of my friend went to my house and asked me to help her celebrate their little boy. She really wanted to bring her imagination to life! Re-draw every memories from her child and sort them out with the 2020’s concept.

To bring her dream to life, I decided to make a list of some of the best birthday party ideas on Instagram, and write them into this following page! Hope you can get a little inspiration with my provided lists. Go check out this extraordinary birthday party ideas,


1. Fireman Party

Free Printable Fireman Party Invitation Templates With Landscape and Cute FirefighterFolks! Sound the Alarm, Slide down the Pole, Prepare your Arm, we’re ready to Role!

Is your kid dreaming of a heroic scene from a movie like the fire-fighter does? Woo-ee Woo-ee! Hurry up! Please make a way for the fire-fighter! Because your party is going to be lit bro!

Every boys out there wants to be the fire-fighter chief of his squad and this birthday theme will let him do exactly what he wanted to do! And can you imagine how cute your little kids are? When wearing the fireman hats that are too big for them?!

These Fireman Birthday Party Ideas are going to have you all prepared way before it’s time to open the door and welcome your guests! So fun! And luckily for you – we have designed a perfect party invitation for your little fire-man.

Please check this awesome template, all of them comes in black-yellow border, adorable fireman as well as the iconic red fire truck which is ready to take care all your guests from the fire!


2. Dragon Ball Z Party

Free Printable Dragon Ball Templates With Broly and LandscapeWhen you hear Kamehameha – Get ready for the blast guys!

If your little boy and husband are smitten with J-anime, then you’ve got to take a look at this party, moms! Since their first release – back in 1989, Dragon Ball Z has gathered an outstanding number of fan. Thus, a Dragon Ball Z theme would be an instant hit and this also applies to your party peeps!

Here at Bagvania, we have designed a unique yet iconic Broly and Goku graphics into a fabulous party invitation cards. Beyond that, the timeless Vegeta and Gizard-wasteland will decorate the background layer of the card as well.

Feel free to use them at your special party, you don’t need to spend any of your money. To download the template, you will need to click the link above.


3. Dr. Seuss Party

Free Printable Dr. Seuss Party Invitation Templates With Cute Cat and Colorful Background

If you’re eating a good food – you will have a good mood
When you’re in the mood for a rhyme – No need look any further
Because it’s Dr. Seuss party time!

There’s nothing better than a classic Dr. Seuss Birthday Party to celebrate your kid’s upcoming special day! This one is popular among kids, because there are so many fun, colorful and creative ideas that can make your party incredible and you can make it with home stuff. Sounds good right? Definitely! Invite all your friends as well as your kid’s friends to have a joyful party using our iconic Dr. Seuss template design. Get all of them, write down your party details and sent them to all guests and see how happy your guests are.


4. Bumblebee / Queen Bee Party

Free Printable Bumblebee Invitation Templates With Portrait and Yellow BackgroundAhoy! Do you hear the buzz? Run away from the sting, this Bumble-Bee Party is amazing!

I don’t know why I’m so excited when it comes to the Black-Yellow Bee! It’s kind of charming and satisfying tho, maybe (lol). However, once a year your little honey bee turning a certain age, from one to ten!

That’s why I want it so bad – I want to create a perfect Bumblebee party for you guys – and you know what is – here comes the result. Celebrate your little bee using this iconic party invitation card. Decorated with such cute honeycomb background and adorable bees.

Can’t be eager to wait? Visit our page by clicking each provided link and you can save them for free at 24/7. Ha-ha. FYI! This template also comes in printable and customizable format – nothing is easier than using our template!


5. Teddy Bear Party

Free Printable Teddy Bear Invitation Templates With Pink and PolkadotEveryone knows about the famous Teddy Bear, especially if you are such a big fan of Mr. Bean. However, this tiny creatures could tickle everyone’s heart with his cute images and colors (Not the other Ted!) :D.

If you are looking some ideas for a simple party, like planning a mini-picnic party on Saturday afternoon with your besties and eating a delicious sandwich – then this one is definitely great for you. Go check out our page folks! And you can see how gorgeous it is.

Tho, it’s great for picnic occasions, this template design isn’t specifically made for certain party concept/theme – so everyone – whatever the party is – wherever your party will be held – you can use this lovely Teddy Bear templates to invite their loved ones to have a delightful party-time!.


6. Sleepover Party

Free Printable Slumber Party Invitation Templates With Landscape and Retro FinishedThe perfect sleepover party for your little daughter. Set up your party with our party invitation and provide them with lots of snacks and drinks – so your little girl and her gang will have them up playing, crafting, creating, and munching until night.

Our template uses a unique concept, yeah! We use the classic retro styles, such as the old-fashioned Radio Tape player & TV and we also pick a retro colors palette to adorn the entire template.

Are you ready to mix your kid activities? That will tire them out, along with some more casual entertainment — like binge watch a family-friendly Netflix shows. Okay, to download our template – you will need to access each of their page by clicking our provide link in above.


7. Tropical Party

Free Printable Tropical Party Invitation Templates With Floral and PineappleThese Tropical party will inspire both you and your guests for sure! Our Tropical themed invitation card will give you a nice Tropical summer vibes, it comes in elegant and neat design through their astonishing background colors which is polished with warm colorful colors and surrounded with many fresh pineapple clip-arts.

And as a reminder, you can get all of them by free and get ready to amaze your friends and family with this amazing invitation card design.

You can craft your own invitation, yeah! That’s right. Get your supply from stationery shop, buy some card-stock papers as your printing material and print this tropical template.


8. Moana

Free Printable Moana Birthday Party Kits With Landscape and Birthday Party Hat“There comes a day when you’re gonna look around and realize happiness is where you are.”

Moana has proven to be one of Disney’s biggest hits, so it’s the perfect time to throw a Moana-themed birthday party! Tho, if you are an adult or tween? not teen! – there is nothing wrong with it! You can still invite your fellas and have a good time with them!

Anyway, click on our provide link to see all the perfect party details for throwing your own Moana birthday bash and also get ready to discover some more! You’ll find another inspiring imaginative ways to use our party kits in your incoming party.

9. Golden Floral Frame

This template was inspired from the global hit of floral design, especially if you’re be familiar with Pinterest. Tho, it seems perfect for kinds of bridal shower party, this template could still do their magical touch folks! Friends of mine uses this template as their party invitation, and most of them are very happy with the result.

I drew a bucket full of aesthetic roses and another leaves on each side of the card, along with the latest trend of Geometric Frame design and Gold-finished colors. In addition, i also create a blank space for you – so you can easily customize the template and write your own text / wording without being restricted with watermark.

10. Coed Birthday Party Kits Template

Free Printable Coed Birthday Party Invitation Templates With Pink Background and Colorful BalloonsPlanning a co-ed kid’s birthday party? For boys and girls with spring-themed birthdays? Wow! You already found them dudes! We’ve designed an awesome party kits for kids. You will get everything you need, from cupcake topper to adorn your table – to – one-of-a-kind Birthday party hat that will stands out among the crowd!

In addition, they also comes in six different shape and color options, instead of the usual navy blue color, we use pink color to give a “warm invitation”. Calling out all your guests, especially your child’s friends to come at your one-of-a-kind party and you can also ask them to wear their pink shirt to liven up the party mood!

If you are wondering on “how to download” the template, click our provided link guys! In above each templates and the Flannel & Gift page will appear – now you can download them.

How To Download

Once again, as i have mentioned it in above – If you’re wondering how to download these templates, please follows these instructions:

  1. Pick your favorite template
  2. Click the provided link – wait a moment
  3. You will be directed to the respective page
  4. Scroll down and Left-Click the template
  5. Wait for a while, a new page will be appeared
  6. Right-click the template and choose “save image as” to save it
  7. Locate where the file will be saved in your device and Enter


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