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(FREE Printable) – Mermaid Baby Shower Invitation Templates

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Let’s splash your party up! ~~

Actually, when my daughter had her first birthday party, my husband asked me to throw a Mermaid Birthday Party for my daughter 8th birthday. I hesitated for a while, because we weren’t in midsummer or summer solstice, instead of warmth climate, we were in the middle of freezing Cold January. How bad could it be? Ain’t I right? But at the end, instead of finding the new concept, we agreed to nailed down the Mermaid party for celebrating my little baby’s first milestone with my big family.

By the way, are you in the same situation like what I used to? Whoops, Ha-ha! You should be very happy tho, because this party is definitely a great idea to go, especially for your birthday girls, and even for showering our baby, like what I did back in 2010.

Mermaid Party Ideas

A. Invitations 💎

If you’re planning a mermaid party, the first place to start the process is by choosing and crafting your party invitations. A small part of your party, but could give you a far better result. The main purpose is encouraging your guests, so you need to make it as catchy as possible, ain’t I right? Well, I’ve a good recommendation for you. How about these one? Please take a look at these template in down below.



Here they are, these charming Mermaid invitation template design is ready to being picked by you for your baby’s special day. Our template features both portrait and landscape orientation design. Using attractive combination of colors such as, Purple, Blue, Pink and White. You’ll notice it on its background layer, along with stunning Mermaid Scales on Trendy Gradient. Besides those features, I also made another stunning stuff like, cute drawing of Two Mermaids who are best friends.


Free Printable Mermaid Birthday Invitation Templates With Two Mermaid Swimming and Portrait design


Free Printable Mermaid Birthday Invitation Templates With Landscape Orientation and Designated Box For Party Details


Free Printable Mermaid Birthday Invitation Templates With Blueish White Background


Free Printable Mermaid Birthday Invitation Templates With Cute Mermaid Hairclip and Hair

Free Printable Mermaid Birthday Invitation Templates With B. Party Favor Ideas 🍯

Sea Glass Mini Bottles

  • Ingredients (You can get them on Amazon)
    • Small Glass Jars (1.25-2.5 oz) & Bottle Corks
    • Acrylic Gravels/Pebbles
    • Twisted Jute twine rope
    • Card-stock paper for tags
  • Instruction
    • Fill each glass jar with colorful array of decorative acrylic gravels or pebbles which you had bought and seal them with cork. Attach your personalized tags with twine and display the bottles together on a table or near the centerpiece, so everyone can notice it and then, you can hand it to your guests!

How To Download

  1. Right click the template – Save Image as.
  2. Locate the folder Tap “Enter” to start the download folder.
  3. To open the file: Ms. Word or Paint and use Card-stock paper as the printing material.


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