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1st Wording Birthday Invitations Ideas

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It’s your 1st baby’s birthday! It’s a special occasion. a part of the celebration includes the invitation. If you’re going to celebrate your baby’s party, you can start writing creative wording to make it unique. A simple rhyme can be a good choice for babies’ birthday invitation. You can also use some simple and short poem. You can place it inside or outside the invitation. Don’t forget to put the party information about time, date and location of the party.

Simple Poem  1st Birthday Invitations Wording Ideas

Simple  1st Birthday Invitations Wording Ideas

Owl 1st Birthday Invitations Wording Ideas Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday Invitations Wording

Mickey Mouse 1st Birthday Invitations Wording

Winter 1st Birthday Invitations Wording

Pink 1st Birthday Invitations Wording Ideas

You can use these words :
“Anthony is turning one; he broke us in gently. The first year has been great. It’s his birthday and let’s celebrate!”

“Come and have fun, let’s celebrate a bit. See my first celebration, I’ll be having it! We’re inviting you to our Anthony’s first birthday celebration! Which will be held at our palace on Saturday, Oct 10 2014 from 04.00 p.m.”

Otherwise, you can also create something basic party such as “Come join us and let’s get the party”. It’s perfect and works best for small invitation. With the simple text, you can play with some creative design and images. A good photography is great for his/her first birthday.

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