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1st Birthday Invitations Wording

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The first birthday is always be special for parents. It is like the beginning of journey in bringing up a baby to life. Hence, they want to celebrate it with the loved ones and make it as perfect as they can. This pretension can be reflected into the invitation wording which we provide some here for you. Hopefully, at least one of them can bring an inpiration for your first baby celebration.

Polka Dot Blue Baby First Birthday Invitations Pinky Baby First Birthday Invitations Simple Zoo Baby First Birthday Invitations

“The first past year has been full of joy, love and delight. We hope you can help us to celebrate our first child year with cakes, candies, and fun.”

“He has passed his first year with the first teeth and first curls. Hopefully we can share the cheer with some cakes, candies, and baloons.”

“My baby Joseph is turning one. He could jive, dance, and he is fabolous. We want to share the cakes and the cheer with you.”

“My little prince is finally turning into the big 0ne. Come and join us with foods, blast, and baloons.”

“This year has been so blessing. We hope you will come and celebrate with us as our little baby turns one!”

“Join us for some fun as our little prince turns one. We cannot believe it has been a whole year. There will be cakes, chocolates and candies!”

“One of my favorite moment is to withness my litttle son grows day after day. I cannot believe his is turning one and fabolous. I hope you will be there to celebrate with us.”

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