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FREE Printable 25th birthday invitation wording

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25th birthday is considered as silver celebration for anniversary. Therefore, some people want to make a special celebration to cherish their life all this time. In another word, people want to feel grateful for an amazing life that has given to them. Hence, it is intimate to invite friends and the loved ones to come and share the fun together. In order to deliver your intention well, you need the right wording. Therefore, here we provide some wording that may inspire your 25th birthday party.

“Time flies so fast. Before I knew it, I am 25 now. I kinda like to celebrate it and I want you to be a part of it. Come and join the glee.”

“I’m turning 25. Let’s sing and dance. Everything will be fun, only if you will becoming. Come and join us in my 25th birthday party.”

“Dress at your best and get ready to jive and have fun as you are invited to my birthday bash. Please come to my party.”

“Wine, beer, pizza, and snacks are ready. Now it is only your present I need. Enjoy a wonderful night by coming to my birthday bash. Your attendance is everything for me.”

“As I am turning 25, I’d like to share the cheer and bless with you. So come and be my guest to my birthday bash. There will be drinks, foods, and delight.”

“God gave me another blessing year to live. Hence I’d like to celebrate this day with fun and delight. ”

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