2nd Birthday Invitation Wording Ideas

Second anniversary will be an exciting event after the first birthday. Find the right words for expression gave the happy parents and bring the mind waddling balitake second year of life. You can imagine the words in your child‘s birthday invitations with matching words. Add the party details you need and your toddler‘s birthday party will be a success for all of your guests.
One of the ideas that you can use for your toddler is a farm theme, trains and many others. Many parents are proud of their toddler‘s second birthday and wanted to give a theme and a more appearance for the party. Here are examples of words that you can use for the theme of the invitation.

It’s time to celebrate
Lucy‘s second year
with the animals in the barn
Cows and chickens and sheep
Come join us for a party
There will be time later to sleep

Jake is turning two!
Blow the whistle and all the ships!
Train birthday
Leaving the station at noon “


The giraffe stretches his neck to see;
the elephant waves his trunk with glee;
the seal twirls the ball with joy,
to honor (name) we who two!

Zoo girl purple 2nd birthday invitation wording


Yellow and red Elmo 2nd birthday invitation wording




Nursery 2nd birthday invitation wording


Choo Choo 2nd birthday invitation wording


2nd birthday invitation wording for boys

And now , your invitation is ready sent to your guest 😀

This invitation template help people to find and search about 2nd birthday invitation wording

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