30th Birthday Invitation Wording

Turning 30th signifies a new milestone for everyone in their life. You can celebrate it with your family and friends, or you can also celebrate it with a large group. Wording for your 30th birthday invitation isn’t that easy, although it should be generic, but you can also show your personality in your invitation. Use invitation that show your personality, with best theme for you. You can create and get 30th birthday invitation wording for a surprise party, for example.

Beautiful 30th Birthday Invitation Wording

Now and Then 30th Birthday Invitation Wording

Straightforward 30th Birthday Invitation Wording

Simple 30th Birthday Invitation Wording

Before start wording your invitation, decide what’s your party theme, use language that fit with your theme. You can start wording by personalized the invitation with simple poem, it can be formal, or funny. Such as ,

“Peter’s turning thirty; come join the fun.

We’ll make new memories and share old ones.”

Use clear headline so people will know what’s your invitation purpose, such as “You are Invited to Peter’s 30th Birthday party”. Don’t forget to add the date, time and location of your 30th birthday party. Include the contact to RSVP. You can get the wording ideas below.

It’s time to say goodbye to 20’s
I’m ready to face my 30’s.
Be with me as I welcome the new chapter of my life, bro!
Let’s get the party!
Get dress and hurry up
We will have a party all night
Come and join the fun.
Not too old, not too young,
I’m turning 30, let’s have some fun.
Bring some gifts for my delight, I’ll treat the party all night!

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