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30th Birthday Invitations Ideas

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Turning 30th is a phase when “wild and free” person turning into “real mature grown up”. There’s always a choice whether you want to held it with a big party or a simple party with only some specials person and spend time together. Consider there are many types of invitations that you can used for your 30th birthday party and choose what fits for your personality and of course the theme of your party.

Keep Calm 30th Birthday Invitations Ideas

Funny 30th Birthday Invitations Ideas

Humorous invitation is one of favorite invitation ideas. You can use funny 30th invitations wording like ” Sweet 30″, or you can be a “real old people” joke in your group. You can attach large number of candles and things that were popular when you were younger. Another ideas is using photo invitations. Print your personalized photos include a picture of you as a child alongside your picture now. You can use your photos when a baby or high-school. Guests will enjoy it and laugh together comparing you then and now.

Golden 30th Birthday Invitations Ideas

Elegant 30th Birthday Invitations Ideas

Now and Then 30th Birthday Invitations Ideas

If you think that you’re serious person, you can consider elegant invitations for your 30th birthday party. As its effect, you should create an elegant party and really mature condition such as sit-down dinner and a wine reception. Elegant invitations can come in silver color or golden color. As you’re still 30th, I recommend using silver and black combination. Remember, always reflect your invitation with your theme. For example, if you’re having your party in the beach, you should create an invitation showing ball, beach and coconut tree with blue air.

30th Birthday party don’t have to be expensive. You can create your cheap birthday party invitation using an online invitation template and send the invitation directly to your friends email. This is the simplest way to send and design your invitations. You can use an invitation site like GreetingsIsland, Evite and many more. If you’re on Facebook, you can create an event and invite your friends. Don’t forget to give them your party information clearly, like date, time and location.

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