30th birthday party invitation wording

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Congratulation, you are reaching 30! Nothing better than a special celebration with your family and friends. Every year, birthday will feel different as we have passed through so many precious things in life. At this very age, you might want something intimate than it used to be. Now mark your special moment with the right wording. It is crucial to deliver the cheer and excitemen to your guest, so that they will feel much more comfortable to come. Here is some wording that we’ve gathered around.

“Nothing better than a long term friendship. So let’s get wild to celebrate Gina’s 30th birthday. There are sure a lot to enjoy.”

“Thirty, Flirty, and Fabulous. Join us to celebrate our friend’s great moment as Sally turns 30.”

“Brace youself and dress up for a wonderful night as Mia’s turning 30. Let’s get down to the party.”

“Eat, drink, dance, and fun. Join us for a wonderful delight at Nancy’s 30th birthday. Be ready to jive.”

“It’s time to loose up a little bit from the daily routine as Sally’s turning 30. Join us to enjoy a fabulous evening with cheer and fun.”

“The twenties were sweet, but thirty is fabulous. Get ready to enjoy a night of Glitz and Glamour at Anna’s 30th birthday.”

“Past should be cherish, the new sheet need to be filled. Come and join us to celebrate John’s 30th birthday as we want to share the joy with you.”

“Cheers to Alex as he is entering a new chapter of life in his 30th year. Hopefully you will be there with us to make a grea memory.”

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