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3rd birthday invitations for kids

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Celebrating your child’s 3rd birthday is a big moment to have. Most people want to cherish their child’s growth by inviting their relatives and fellows to share the delight. That’s why parents want to make it special started with the invitations. There are many things that you can do with 3rd birthday invitations. One thing I like in planning for child’s invitations is we could make playful designs with various combination of color. It is always fun to create a creative template for children.

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For your little girls, you can make an adorable template with sheer color. I found a sweet fancy ballerina template from zazzle. I just fall in love with the design from the beginning. It has sheer yellow shade background with beautiful brown goldish flowers at the edge. But the most interesting thing is that there is a cute ballerina outfit at the top center. They also give a fancy wording in a charming font and write the birthday child’s name in peach. The rest spaces are filled with some detail information without any ornaments added. I really love the simplicity yet elegant impression of the design. It will definitely suit your little princess style.

For boys birthday, you can add some boyish articles such as sports or transportation. I love both designs which have cars or train in the template. If your boy like to play with cars or truck, you can put their images in the template and add some green plants to make traffic road scenery.

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