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40th Birthday Invitation Wording

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It’s a special occasion and you decide to celebrate your 40th party, don’t confuse with the wording. You can choose serious or humorous approach to wording the invitation. You wording choice will show your personality when turning 40th. So decide wisely. First of all, you should know about your friends and your personality, you can begin your invitation with an announcement or heading that give your recipients advice about who and what the party is for. Choose best word that reflects your party theme, if you’re celebrating formal party, then the headline should follows, such as “Anne is turning 40.” Avoid using nickname on formal invitation, make sure that you’re using first name and last name. Casual party permit you to use nicknames and you can use informal wording for this kind of party, such as “Big Andrew is celebrating the big 4 – 0”.

Straighforward 40th Birthday Invitation Wording

Green 40th Birthday Invitation Wording

Girlie 40th Birthday Invitation Wording

Casual 40th Birthday Invitation Wording

Magic 40th Birthday Invitation Wording

Simple 40th Birthday Invitation Wording

You can use a poem, quote or some special words in the body of invitation. You can use popular humorous quotes like, “Forty isn’t old, if you’re a tree!”. If you’re celebrating formal party, Benjamin Franklin’s quote is great, “At twenty years of age, the will reigns; at thirty, the wit; and at forty, the judgment” – Benjamin Franklin. Below the quote, you can include your party details like time, date and location. Here are some wording example for your 40th birthday invitation :

Downtown we will go!
A grand birthday party we will throw!

Join us for Dwayne Wright’s
40th Birthday Dinner

Friday,September 26th
6:30 p.m.
Zapata Distro
655 Main Street
Tampa, Florida

Mastin Goodyear
Eliza Nelson

RSVP to Atheeya at (811) 723-3311

Design your birthday party with your favorite things, person or movie. If you love soccer or football, find your favorite player or team, wearing number 40.This will be very funny. Well, happy 40th birthday, you’re not 40, you’re 17th years old with 23 years of experience! 😀

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