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60th Birthday Invitations Ideas

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60 years old is a huge milestone for people’s life. Planning a 60th birthday party can be very exciting. You should celebrate your milestone with your happy family and friends. as we know, creating good invitation will make any guests excited and make them more to come to the party. The invitations play important role in your 60th party. It should represent your personality. As 60th years old, you can be more funny, inspirational and better spiritual. Choose what’s fit for you, celebrating 60th birthday should make people smile and let them do their best to come to your party.

Surprise 60th birthday invitations ideas

60th birthday invitations wording samples

Elegant 60th Birthday Invitations Ideas

Casual 60th Birthday Invitations Ideas

There are so many ideas in your head, but I suggest you to consider your old picture when you’re a baby, child or teenager, place the photos as your timeline and make it the main part of the invitation. The photos will remind your friends and family’s memory about you. They’ll remember about your past and make them smile. Design your invitation that suits with your party theme. If you’re grew up in 50,60 or 80 era, you can create some old-fashioned party invitations. Bring Michael Jackson alive! or some popular stars in your era alive with their fashion.

Next is creating your 60th birthday invitations wording, you can create or write your ideas down such like “Sixty is Nifty”, “Sweet 60”, “60 Alive”. Just show them about your personality. Now you can start design it. Don’t forget to include the date, time and location. Give also your personal touch in your invitations. Happy Sweet 60!

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