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60th Birthday Invites

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60th birthday is kind of a milestone for people. Therefor, many of them want to make it extra special in a way. In order to mark this special moment, you need to consider choosing the right invitation template. For the 60th birthday, it doesn’t has to be plain though as nowadays older people also consider about their style as well. If you are looking for the affordable invites with fabulous designs, you might want to visit paperstyle. They have tons of adorable templates for the big 6-0 celebration.

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One of my favorite is the floral vine banner. It has an elegant grey background with wonderful flower ornaments. Basically, they put a large white invitation wording diagonally at the angle left and put the detail info at the bottom right. In the middle of the two wordings, there are some vivid flowers together with fresh green leaves. The flowers just seem real and wonderful. To make the design more merrier, they use a nice elegant font style. From my point of view, the design suits well for an energetic affectionate granny.

The other one is the retro martini invitations. The whole design is just wonderful in abstract touch. The designer make a large martini sketch on the left filled by the wording and detail info and a cocktail glass on the right with a cute 60 on the top. It is a colorless design, but still has a way to deliver the merry mood. This could be my best favorite design of all.

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