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70th Birthday Invitations Ideas

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Living for 70th years is a great milestone for everyone. Celebrate a 70th birthday can be so special, started from the invitation. Creating 70th Birthday invitation isn’t that hard. All we have to know is the celebrant’s personality so we can design suitable birthday invitation design for him/her.

We can start designing 70th birthday invitation by using now and then photography. Place the celebrant photograph side by side when they were young, even baby with current 70th years old photograph. Now, give some lyrics that popular in their life, for example 50’s jazz, Bill Haley lyrics or some special music in the invitation. Turning back to the Oldies time is great invitation ideas.We can also use popular Marilyn Monroe design for the invitation. Black and white design with beauty of Marilyn Monroe. Another ideas is showing the celebrant interest, design an invitation that reflect her personality. Here are some 70th birthday invitation ideas that you can consider.

Now and then 70th Birthday Invitations Surprise 70th Birthday Invitations Classic 70th Birthday Invitations Simple 70th Birthday Invitations

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