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85th birthday invitations

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You eventually reach a special level in your life. In the 85 age, people certainly want to make their party feel right in all. That is why, they are willing to put a bigger effort to ensure everything is as perfect as they want, especially for the invitations. Make your special moment more exciting with various personalized designs that you can find easily online. It is advisable yo match the design with the party theme as it will deliver the message properly. For a formal dinner, you can choose an elegant template which show bold and clear character. It can be a contrast combination between red and gold. Divide the the card into two different size with a wavy line. Put the wording in the larger side with light red background. Then make a floral pattern in between the sections. You can color the other side in gold.

For a semi formal, you can select shabby garden theme. Use green grass image as the background and add some pink and white flowers diagonally at each sides. You can put the invitation wording and some details in the center. Don’t forget to highlight the big 8-5 as you proud of it. You can also play with watercolor flowers as well. Choose some charming flowers in a nice structuring. Leave the center for the wording and another text. Alternatively, you can use a photo invitation that will look good in a way. Put your photo in the upper side, then choose a chich design for the background.

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