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90th Birthday Invitation Wording

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Reaching a 90th year is a great reason to celebrate. Before spreading the invites, it is good to pick a perfect wording that can represent the joy, love, and bless in the last few years. You can select the humorous or even sentimental wording. However, remember to match the wording to the party theme. It is essier to define the general theme party first such as an informal, semi formal, or formal party, then choose the best wording upon it. The invitation wording can also despict the personality of the birthday person. For example, if your grandma has a good sense of humor, using the humorous one can be a great idea. Otherwise, if she has a wise personality, then you might want it to be touching. However, make sure that you write something possitive and not too wordy as it is for invitations. Here are some examples you might find useful.

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“Yes I am old and grey, but I am definitely still healthy and fabulous. Come to my party to celebrate these blessing years.”

“Party is party, no one could stop me to cherish this blessing milestone. I hope you can join me as I am still ready to rock the night.”

“In this very age, I want to be grateful as there has been joy, love, and laugh. Please join me in celebrating.”

“I like hanging out with people and have made many friends since my 90th year in this life. Hopefully, I can share the cheer and delight with you.”

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