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90th Birthday Invitations Ideas

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Turning 90th is a wonderful accomplishment and great moment that should be celebrated. There are so many 90th Birthday Invitations ideas that we can used to celebrate 90th birthday. The invitation should be unique and can be used as memento. Here are some birthday invitations ideas that we can use.

Golden 90th Birthday Invitations

Purple 90th Birthday Invitations

First idea is collecting news facts about the year of the person’s birth year. It can be important information about war victory or something important that time. We can browse Wikipedia and get some information from there. Give that perfect moment with great image representation. It called as a Time Machine theme. Where we are back to the past. Other ideas is creating old-style price. look up the prices of some items the year the person was born. Such like bread was priced at five cents, cheeseburger at three cents with vintage restaurant image on the invitations.

DIY 90th Birthday Invitations

Now and then 90th Birthday Invitations

Another popular ideas is timeline photograph. Dig up the person’s photos when he was a baby, teen or youth photos. We can also use baby photos or wedding day photos. Now, you can scan it using your home scanner, if you don’t have it, you can go to photo labs and ask them to scan and save it into your USB Flashdisk. Using image processor program like Photoshop, you can create the invitation using that photo, place it side by side, Now and Then photo. If you can’t operate the program, you can ask the Photo lab to edit the invitation for you at an additional cost.

Last, when the invitation is done, don’t forget to include all important information about the time, date and location. Don’t forget to specify phone number and deadline for RSVP.

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