10 Princess Birthday Party Ideas That You Will Love

A little while ago, I shared some cute or adorable ideas that suits well with girl’s birthday party and as I’ve promised you to share another stunning and cute ideas, luckily for me – today I can compile them into a single page guys! This following items will inspire both you and all guests that you’ve invited them to come at your special party, with a visually appealing both the theme and decoration.

Any templates in our site is free guys! So you don’t have to worry about your current budget. Available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and they also comes in either 5×7 or 7x5inch – JPG Format, so you can customize our birthday kits to suit your need and taste. Beyond that, it provides you the option to create your own customized invitations, cupcake topper as well as labels for your drinking bottle.

Are you ready to host your little princess’s party? Okay. Dreams do come true! Invite everyone over to party like a princess at your little girl’s royal-ball birthday! Check out this following top 10 Princess Birthday Party Ideas,

1. Adorable Princess Birthday Party Kits

Shades of pink, with many hints of Disney Princesses throughout the invitation card and another stuffs. From Blossom pink colored Birthday Party Hat, adorable Cupcake Toppers and even your party drinking bottle could be decorated with our adorable Disney Princess label.

In addition to the design, there are two invitation card design, both of them has portrait orientation, Disney princess and filled up with alluring pink colors.

Make sure to go check all of them and it’s absolutely free guys! Get them now and do your business using our birthday kits. If you want to download the template, just click the provided link and you will be directed to the page.

2. Cinderella Birthday Party Kits

Delight the little princess with our birthday party kits, from adorable Cupcake Toppers, Custom Bottle Labels to the most important part of your party, yeah – that’s right! It would be your Invitation cards. Everything you need for your upcoming party is done and nothing much easier than using our birthday party kits!

You don’t need to be a Prince Charming to find your little princess, but now you can create announcement to the entire village that your little Cinderella’s birthday is coming! Go Check out these Cinderella templates and you can find our instruction for downloading and How-To-Use them.

To match this Cinderella color scheme, you can match the font-color with a pearly white, light blue and silver colors! Place a couple of her photos would be a great ideas guys! Give you a bonus point to encourage your guests.

3. Rainbow Magical Unicorn Birthday Invitation

Adorable birthday party have been all around this world lately. From Mickey Mouse to the legendary creature Magical Unicorn from the Scotland folktales. This concept is perfect fit for your next party. Celebrate your little daughter with this special design.

These designs features an adorable design, decorated with such beautiful pastel colors (Red, Pink, Yellow, Purple, etc.). Beside their unique color scheme, you will get a stunning Unicorn which is running-around the whole card, along with gorgeous sets roses and balloons.

You can make it even more fun by adding your little daughter photo, especially underneath the “Eyelash” to liven up your bowl of information. T fill the blank space with your party details, such as Where, When, Why and so on. To download the template design, click the link in above this paragraph.

4. Woodland Birthday Party Kits

Invitations and decorate are the most important aspects of a party because they give the first impression of your party to your guests, right? Yeah, that’s true.

So if you have the time to make your own, you can consider to use these lovely woodland for your baby princess party. Treat your daughter and her gang with fancy afternoon tea at your own Woodland (backyard). This is one is perfect right? Wohoo. Woodland noon teas will be perfect choice, despite its more casual-sounding name, it’s even fancier than the normal party concept, so it’s the perfect opportunity for the birthday party with low-budget option.

5. Lovely Little Bunny

This lovely template has stunning touch of modern and classy design ideas, the entire card will be decorated in such beautiful ways. You will get a cute Little Bunny which is holding and hanging on a balloon, and he will be surrounded by stunning and charming flowers.

Did you know that Dusty Pink flowers will represents your sincere love? Oh come on, besides those things – Pink flowers or roses also symbolize your appreciation toward your little sweetheart that you adore her so much.

If you want to keep these template as your invitation card, the first step is click our provided link – then click on each one of your selected template, right click on them – choose “save image as”, and your template will be saved automatically on your default download location.

6. Fluffy Beanie Boo Birthday Invitation Templates

As you can see, in this templates design, I use my daughter’s favorite color scheme (Aqua and Pink) with a few gold and silver accents. We chose the color pink to tie in the bow of my daughter’s favorite beanie boos, as seen above and aqua because she loves it at the moment.

I’ve designed this template in six different styles peeps!, Comes in both stripes and dazzling colored background. Beyond that, the template will be decorated with adorable Beanie Boo dolls, as I mentioned it in above – there are six options – so you can choose your fave and download them.

In addition to the main layer of the template, I’ve been working till late night to draw some stuff, such as rainbow background, White Photo Frame and so on.

7. Bubble Guppies Birthday Party Kits

This guppy is not your average fish. This guppy birthday kits will boost up your next party with colorful background, rhyming text as well as bright & bold guppy graphics. This template is an exceptionally fun choice for both your children and her friends.

Print this lovely birthday party kits with card-stock or linen paper. Then fold them throughout the cut-outs or dash-lines. Write down your Princess Name and all the party details inside our invitation template.

Cut and Fold them into the shape of a birthday party hat and Bottle Labels. And when the guests arrive at the party, tell and ask them to wear those adorable party hat and hand them a glass slipper filled with candy!

8. Pink Flowers Baby Girl Shower Invitation

Give your guests the royal invitation before they step inside the castle doors! Sprinkle your invitation card using our stunning invitation templates guys! A stunning Pink invitation to invite every VIP (Very Important Princess :D) out there. As you may have seen, it has beautiful pink-stripes pattern along with dazzling frame in gold-finished. In addition for the design, we also put magnificent flowers on each corner and give them such nice color scheme.

You can write down your party detail in the designated space, we choose a white color to make it lot easier to read and symbolize of purity of your incoming party. Print them at your home and get some supplies at nearby local market or stationery shop. If you really wanted to know how to download and use this template, you can check them out by clicking the provide link in above.

9. Pusheen Birthday Party Kits

Here is a free printable Pusheen birthday kits for your upcoming cat themed party or birthday party. This invitation is designed with a close up of the cute cat Pusheen and it comes comes in three designs. The first design is cute shaped Invitation card peeps! I decorate them with pastel color scheme – this one still do the magic! (lol)

Shades of pastel pink, grey, silver, and a splash of gold will decorate the invitation card. The second template design is Cutsom Pusheen Birthday Party hat, you can print them on card-stock paper and fold them into each shapes – because we’ve drew a dash-lines or cut-outs to help you.

For the last part, to add some knick-knacks for your party decoration, especially the “cake”, we also provides adorable Cupcake Topper to complete your whole party in a beautiful looking party. You know – this birthday kits – I kind of want to use it for my own birthday! Ha-ha. This templates comes in JPG file formats to give you some easy-to-print options for your feline party theme.

10. Cute Koala Birthday Invitation Templates

Start your special event off right now by sending your guests just the right Koala Bear Invitation. Captivate your guests with these lovely Koala which is surrounded by green leaves.

This template was designed for a 7×5 inch invitation card (Portrait), you can pick either Card-stock or Linen paper, both of them are known to be used for wedding and birthday occasions.


How To Download

  1. Click the provided link (Above each paragraph)
  2. You will be directed to each of their page
  3. Left-Click your selected templates
  4. Right-Click the template and Choose “Save Image As”
  5. Tap “Enter” on your keyboard.
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