1st Birthday Invitations Ideas for Boys

It’s your son’s first special birthday. It’s a special milestone in his life, and there’s no other appreciation than celebrating his 1st birthday. Giving special invitations will keep him into family and friends’ memories how cute your son is. You can design your personalized invitations for this special occasion. You only need a piece of paper, computer and some creativity.
First thing you should do, is taking your boy’s best photography. Upload your son’s pic to your computer, now you can open Word 2007, Choose Office >> New >> Invitations. Browse and search what’s best for your kids.

Now, insert your kids picture into the invitations templates. Select the size of your card and your son’s pic size. Don’t be too large, as it will take many space. From the template, we can choose whether landscape or portrait orientation. Now edit the details on your invitation templates, you’re ready to go.
It’s also good to create your 1st birthday invitations using graphical software like Photoshop or Corel Draw. You can use your imagination there using some free templates from the Internet. You can browse free PSD file through Dribbble or Deviantart.

Print the birthday invitations and you’re ready to spread it to your friends and family.

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