40th Birthday Invitations Ideas

Happy 40th! As we know the birthday invitation is the first thing that indicate your guest about the theme of your party. Suits invitation will provide complete information about the dress code, what to bring as well as complete party details of the party. To get more excited, a creative invitation design is a must. It also help to festive mood for the party. If you’re turning 40th, there are so many ideas that you can use for your birthday invitations.

There are several 40th birthday invitations ideas. One of them is creating funny top 40’s hits theme. Everybody love top 40’s songs. Best top 40 hit songs ranked by the Billboard can be great ideas. The ideas is you can use Top 40 songs as your invitations. Music can be incorporated into party games and decorations.

Another ideas is using Retro party theme. Nowadays, Retro style is being popular again. Back to 50s,60s, or 70s. With cut-bray style and afro-hairstyle. You can also use groovy 70s invitations design. You can get this idea from Fiverr for US$5. Ask people to create simple 8-bit cartoon and start design it. Place huge 40 in the top left with your photo below the number. Give your party details about time, date and location. Don’t forget also to give the RSVP and phone number. Giving some information about your party details will help your guests to use suits dress and perfect gift for you.

40thBirthday partyinvitation
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