80th Birthday Invitations Ideas

80th is a milestone age! It’s a great achievement for anyone, and your invitation should show your milestone. There are so many 80th invitation ideas out there.Starts with online invitation where you can send it through your email, or using traditional invitation cards using some designs. For many people, 80th birthday invitations will become nice memento, that’s why you should create nice design with clever wording for this. You can use images, nice wording, quotes or some lyrics.

First idea for your 80th birthday invitation is using your photography. Let your child design it for you. Collect photograph of you and create a special birthday invitation. Use two photos, when you were young and your current photos. Place them next to each other in a visual appealing way. You can also create simple collage of photos (old and new). Don’t forget to bring clear information for your guests about time, data and location. As it’s a milestone age, you can use gold and black design to make it luxury, elegant and showing great achievement.

Creating scrapbook invitations is also great ideas for your 80th birthday party. You can print an invitation using online template. You can get it from GreetingsIsland, and edit the information with your information. Remember, be clear! Start embellish it using scrapbooking techniques. Emphasize your letter and numbers with emboss effect, especially the honoree’s (or your) name. Last, place a photo behind the cutout paper. You can create interesting trim or cutouts. To make it more real, you can placed some balloons or photograph from foam squares. That will be nice.

That are some ideas for your 80th birthday invitations. I hope you like it. Or you have some ideas to share with? Gimme a comment below.

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