FREE Printable Abby Cadabby Birthday Invitations

There are bunch of ideas for child birthday invitation, one of them is using abby cadabby figure into the design. If your child is a fan of sesame street cartoon series, you might consider the idea as a good option. The pretty pink fairy can bring magic to your child’s upcoming event and surely can make her more exciting. One of the ideas is to make your own personalized abby cadabby stickers. You can choose some abby images in the internate and print them out in a sticker paper. I like to print it in a waterproof glitter paper to make the design come up nice. After you have the stickers and cut them into pieces, then you can attach them in a cardstock invitation. Make sure you choose the one with adorable color or ask your little girl to choose it herself. After that, you can cut the paper into a card-style shape and write the invitation wording along with the details using a glitter pen. For a sweet final touch you can stick the abby caddaby glitter sticker in to the paper.

Alternatively, you can use personalized printable templates or create your own design to make it specialized. You can combine some sweet colors such as pink, blue, and purple as the background with various patterns. Then attach your child’s photo at the top right and put the wording on the other side. You can choose a nice abby figure and put it in the middle together with the age number in fancy font. Don’t forget to put some details at the bottom as well as the RSVP info.

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