Alice in Wonderland Birthday Invitations Ideas

Host a party Alice in Wonderland will feature other characters, such as the Hatter and the White Rabbit. You can create your own party invitations Alice in Wonderland. By starting cut blank cards and envelopes and decorate the invitation cards with playing cards, hats and flowers and write the party information.However, if you you do not have much time to make the invitations, you can find some internet sites that provide party invitations Alice in Wonderland.

Remove the card when your heart began to open a deck of cards. This card will be the background of the front of the invitation. Glue the back of a playing card and allow them to dry completely. Do not forget to print out the template Mad Hatter hat with scissors or a printer then cut and placed on paper velvet. You will also need a hat for each guest, you just cut each cap with scissors.







Glue hat to each invitation and gold colored ribbon cut, glue into place and wait until dry. You should also gluing scraps of red flowers on both sides of the Mad Hatter’s hat. Do not forget to write the party information on your invitation card that contains the location, date and time.








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