FREE Baby Girl Shower Invitations Templates

Baby girl shower invitations can be used if you are having a party to celebrate your daughter in the near future. For the design of the invitation card, you can try to use cute animals mixed with a floral pattern to represent the girly side of the event.

You can also use pink color as the main color of the invitation card. You can use the color in the accent and around the edges of the card. As for the font, make sure that it looks girly and can be read clearly by the invitee.

To create baby girl shower invitations, you can either contact a birthday planner or do it by yourself. For a DIY invitation card, the first thing to do is deciding the format of the picture. If you choose JPG, then you should manually write the details of the event with a pen.

But, if you choose a PDF format, then you can add any detail you like aside from the addressee. If you have the ability, you can choose a variety of free fonts available on the internet and edit it with Photoshop.






To print out the baby girl shower invitations, you just simply put a piece of paper into a color printer. As for the type of paper, you can go for either glossy or photo paper to be used as the birthday invitation card. The paper is durable and it is a perfect paper for a shiny invitation card to attract the interest of your guest. Make sure that you fit the size of the design into the size of the paper. If you are having difficulties in printing the invitation by yourself, you can ask a professional birthday planner. You can also get a birthday event package including decorations, props, and also a designed-by-request birthday invitation card.

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