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Mickey Mouse and Friends Invitation Template on an Invitation Card

The characters on the Mickey Mouse universe are lovable by the children. From Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Donald, all of them are funny and can be used as the theme of a party. You can use several characters at once in a Mickey Mouse and Friends invitation template. This design will put several characters from the Mickey Mouse universe into one invitation card. The varied character on the card will pick the interest of your children’s friend. Pick the design well and make sure your children also love the design as well.

When designing the card, you can do it by yourself or call an event organizer to set everything for you. If you opt for a DIY Mickey Mouse and Friends invitation template, then the first thing to do is to browse for the perfect image. Make sure that the image is adjusted to fit the portrait size of the card. Once it is done, pick the preferred format from PDF or JPG. JPG is a format that can’t be edited except through the Photoshop so if you don’t have the skill, you just have to write the details manually. If you opt for the PDF, then you can add some details such as place an time of the event before printing it out.






You can print the card normally like you print an assignment. Position the card in portrait so the design will fit into the card. For the material of your Mickey Mouse and Friends invitation template, you can use glossy or photo paper which is very common to be used as an invitation card. If you don’t have the time to make a DIY invitation card, then you can ask it from an event organizer. Often time, they also can help you to prepare the event and offer you things such as the table, decorations, and properties.


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