(FREE Printable) – Beautiful Floral on Wooden Frame Invitation Templates

Hi moms! How was your day? I hope you and your little baby have a great day in this cold winter. In this day, we are going to share something special regarding how to use template as your invitation card design. Everyone would fell in love to hear when someone invited them to come at joyful birthday party, good food – good mood! It comes once a year, so of course you want it to be super-duper special, right? But did you know this one? Hosting a birthday party needs a good invitations design, and those kinds can cost you up to $3 on each invitations.

For that reason, you will need to make sure that your party doesn’t have to be an expensive production, but instead of making it cheaper and easier, you are going to face another difficult task to do. Luckily for you, we are here to help you to minimize your budget using our invitation card design and please your little kids and guests with this aesthetic Floral on Wooden Frame design.







Are you wondering how to get these templates? Don’t worry, you don’t have to pay for this invitation card to make it yours because it’s completely free for you. Also, you can make it looks even better by simply customizing it, either you can add his or her name on top of it or go for some fun wordings to make your guests happy even they just had received and read your baby shower invitation card.

We recommend you to use a simple app for editing photos like MS Paint if you’re using Windows, or use Preview or Paintbrush if you are Mac user. In here, you match your font color with the theme, and how does it goes? Here they are:

Open the template in Paint. Find the little eye dropper tool, it’s located next to the eraser tool on the Home tab of the ribbon. Select it and click which part of the image you want to pick the color for, and your chosen color will be selected as the Color 1 swatch and now you can add text on your image and the text color will be matched with these floral frame template.

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