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What’s the new thing for today?

Today, I’ve got something special for you. Unlike others, in today’s design you’re going to see something different. A classy look invitation card, which has everything you need to captivate your guests and encourage them to come at your party. Let me tell you why you definitely need to pick this one. First of all, this template has a very useful feature, yeah! It comes with Printable Format (JPG File), so you know what I mean, right? you can customize every detail on this template.

For the decoration, as we can see, this template was decorated with kind of “Watercolor” concept, along with the presence of our signature “Floral” paintings. On its main layer (Background), this template has gorgeous Horizontal Light Blue stripes, and on top of them there are two major “highlighted” parts. The first one is the “Flower/Floral” decorations, they will decorate the most part of the card, like on its corner, on the bottom, and much more place.

The second part is cool image/painting of Classic Car from 60’s to give a nice Retro-vibe or kind of Vintage style into our template. You also got a pretty large space to accommodate all the party details (Using  Photoshop or Paint), such as When the party is going to be held, Where the venue is, and Who host the party. So, everyone (Guests) can get the information as soon as possible.







How To Download? (Right-Click, Save Image as, Enter)


What’s the Best Printing Paper For Invitation Card?

As we’ve have been supporting everyone, especially for all the DIY-lover with such good feature; Printable Format, you certainly need to pick the perfect material for your invitation card though. Here are a few lists of them,

  • I’d recommend you to pick either Card-stock or Vellum paper.
  • Those papers are commonly used for any Wedding, Birthday, Baby Shower and bunch of other Formal or Informal occasions.
  • Use at least 80-100 lbs paper. Don’t go beyond that numbers, or you might be getting some trouble feeding the paper into the “paper-feeder” in your printer.
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