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The children’s television series that set undersea is not only SpongeBob Squarepants but also Bubble Guppy. Both come from Nickelodeon but SpongeBob survives longer than this animated-computer TV series. Nonetheless, Drevio keeps presenting Bubble Guppy birthday party kits for kids. It deserves to celebrate the boys’ and girls’ celebration because the characters look attractive. Besides that, the story of this Canadian-American series sounds inspiring for pre-school kids. The free printable Bubble Guppy themed birthday party kits today. It is free downloading for four templates that you can see below.

Bubble Guppy Birthday Party Kits: The Movie teaches about Learning inside Playing

You have known that Bubble Guppy only shows for 5 seasons and the first episode was on January 24, 2011. Meanwhile, the last episode was October 21, 2016. If SpongeBob lives in an undersea city namely Bikini Bottom, Guppy lived in Bubbletucky. The city has many things to learn by Guppies. Exactly, they learn their world around them and it deliberately teaches the audiences too.

Download Bubble Guppy Templates and Customize It

By the way, this article does not intend to compare two movies but it just as an introduction. So, stop it here and go on downloading and customizing the templates. Later, you will have the Bubble Guppy water bottle label, invitation, hat, and the cupcake topper. Fortunately, you find Drevio (this page) that offers a simple downloading way. You do not need to think about it but just do the following steps:

  • Save the templates before printing or customizing.
  • Edit the invitation template on the blank space using this link https://canvas.drevio.com/start/.
  • Choose heavy card stock paper to print and copy besides the cupcake topper and the bottle label.







Point three means the paper is for the hat and the invitation. Meanwhile, the template of the hat needs to form in a cone shape. Luckily, the way is easy and fast using glue or tape. For the hat strap, choose string or ribbon. Okay, happy realizing your Bubble Guppy birthday party kits! Good luck!

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