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The story of Cinderella has spread widely all over the world and countries. It also shows in the form of an animated-computer movie and using the real characters. Both are attractive to follow because the story is similar. Free printable Cinderella’s birthday party kits for girls and contain a big hope from the parents. They hope their daughter will be beautiful, kind-hearted, and lucky as this girl. Here, you also get the advantage because the Cinderella-themed birthday party kits present four templates at glance. Thus, your tasks are just little!

Cinderella Birthday Party Kits: The Legendary story with full of Moral Value

You must have memorized the story of Cinderella. She is a suffered girl that lives under control of her step-mother and step-sisters. Cinderella must fulfill their necessaries from the food, apparel, and so on. Cinderella has to cook, wash clothes, and clean the house. Meanwhile, her sisters and mothers merely torture with these duties and diatribe. Finally, Cinderella fall in love to a prince after getting support from a fairy. Then, she lives happily ever after by leaving her old family.

Download and Customize your Cinderella Templates

Yeah, that fiction story is quite touchable and gives a good moral value for kids. It tells about forbearance and kindness will bring to the luck and vice versa. Now, it is time to show it through the water bottle label, invitation, cupcake topper, and the hat templates. What do you should do? Watch below:

  • Follow Drevio’s instruction!
  • Save them and edit the blank invitation space here: https://canvas.drevio.com/start/
  • Print all templates but the hat and the invitation use different papers (heavy card stock paper).
  • Make a birthday hat through the dotted lines that need tape or glue.
  • It is ready to wear but complete with string or ribbon’s strap.







Cinderella’s birthday party kits make all girls in the world look perfect. The inner and outer beauties will appear without any obstacle. So, feel free to download!

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