(FREE PRINTABLE) – Cosmetic Birthday Invitation Templates

You can hold a birthday party in your favorite theme. For example, if you like to watch movie, you’ll make a birthday party in movie theme. You can decorate the room with movie decoration and give souvenirs in the same theme.

By the way, today we have special birthday invitation templates in make-up theme. They’re suitable for you who like to do make-up. The templates are decorated with make-up equipment, and completed with a wide blank space in each template. There are six different patterns, and so you can take the templates you like.

You don’t need to buy those amazing templates, you only need to press the Download Image button or do some simple steps of downloading, then those templates will be yours in few minutes. Further information about getting them will be explained in the next section.

It’s Very Easy to Get the Templates

Do these simple steps to get them easily!

  1. Press Download Image button or click the template – right click on it – Save Image As then save the template to your computer.
  2. Open a worksheet of Adobe Photoshop S6, then drop the image that you want to use in the invitation.
  3. Customize the size if it’s needed.
  4. Write wordings and information needed in the blank space by selecting Horizontal Type Tools.
  5. Print it as many as you need on cardstock paper that you can buy online at Amazon.com







Creative Wordings

You can write wording in creative or ordinary ways. To build your idea, we give you this example:


You’re invited to a party

That’s sure to be fun…

We’re getting our hair, nails, and makeup done!

[the name and age] Birthday Glamour Party

[information needed about the party]



If you like them all, please tell your family, relatives, and friends to visit our website and grab the templates.

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