(FREE Printable) – Cute Multicolored Polkadot Birthday Invitation Templates

There are so many ways to create your own customized birthday invitation. Using simple app like Microsoft Word and Paint will be very helpful, it comes in plenty options and relatively easy to operate. Drafting or crafting your own invitation card is not an easy to do, because you will need to do a small research on various kinds of themes and designs, and even if you had found them, most of them aren’t free and you will be asked to pay some bucks. Fortunately, everything in our gallery is free, and it has both stunning and cute concept, so you can match them with your party concept.

Therefore, many people tries to move on to pick some free template design and use them as their invitation card design. Fortunately, on the internet you can get tons of site provides beautiful and elegant template design as well as party ideas for free, and look alike our website. Our website gallery has many stunning template designs for free, like these adorable Polkadot template design. You can create your own customized birthday invitations using these design. It features a cute yet elegant Marble textures combined with multi-colored Polkadot, and for sure your little girl will be falling in love with cute stuff. Add your own wording and might be you can also put your baby’s cute photo in the designated text-box to boost up the cuteness of the invites.







Our template comes in JPG Format, the most compatible and printable format for image file, so you can get some supplies (Printing Paper) and print them out using your own printer device. You can take a note on these following information regarding types of printing paper. Here they are,

  1. Use cardstock paper as the printing material, it weighs around 30-100 lbs, it can costs around $15 – $20 per 00 sheets. It’s the best paper for wedding and birthday invitation.
  2. Linen and Text Paper, the most affordable option that you can go for. A little bit thinner than usual type of paper. It can cost around $10 – $14 /100 sheets.
  3. Glossy Paper, if you want sharper image or better result for your invitations, go for this one. This paper absorbs ink really well. It doesn’t have an option, so it weigh at 60 lbs.
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