(FREE PRINTABLE) – Descendant 3 Birthday Party Kits Template

Fantasy movie never dies and the fans increase not only from kids but also adults and teenagers. Descendant 3 is one of the TV series that they follow and inspires as a birthday party. Therefore, Drevio presents Descendant’s 3 birthday party kits by showing its characters. There are Mal, Jay, Evie, and Carlos as the main characters. Watch their actions in the birthday party cupcake topper, invitation, water bottle label, and the hat. Get Descendant 3 themed birthday party kits for free printable and without hassle!

Descendant 3 Birthday Party Kits: For whom?

You might wonder about who this theme? You can apply for your kids and teenagers that are still appropriate to use it. Let they choose to be one of the characters in Descendant 3. A little bit of story from this movie where the fourth characters are kids of the villain. Differ from the parents they want to return the security of Auradon after some chaos happens. The chaos occurs after Audrey envy to Mal and Hades stole the maleficent’s stick. Hades uses it to terrorize inhabitants.

Download your Descendant 3 Templates

Descendant 3 is the third sequel of the Descendant series after the Descendant 2. Of course, you know it because you are the fans. Do some things to get the templates in seconds! Drevio will do it without involving your role much. The most important thing is you never obey what Drevio does and then:

  • Save on PC!
  • Print it on heavy card stock paper for the hat and invitation.
  • Customize your invitation before printing or sending here https://canvas.drevio.com/start/.
  • Make in a cone shape for the hat using glue or tape as the adhesive.
  • Maximize the usage with a strap from string or ribbon.







So, who is your favorite character of Descendant 3? All characters are attractive to follow. Free printable Descendant 3 birthday party kits are special! You who have a birthday party in August might have it. By the way, this TV show released in the US on August 2, 2019.

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