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Do you know that how popular Fortnite-inspired party is? This one has been proved to be one of the most-demanded concept for birthday party lately. Having them as your next party will give you lots of sweets than savory, especially if we are looking on how popular this concept is and tons of favors that almost every kids / teens who have played the game are gonna love them for sure.

Do you want to see ‘em? Really? Okay-okay, without further ado, you can take a look our Fortnite template collections in down below,



As we can see in above, this template features awesome design tho, from the background design, to epic characters from Fortnite. All of these templates were decorated with a bunch of super-awesome Fortnite’s characters as well as the latest skins/outfits on the game. For example, Raven, this one is one the most popular outfits in the game after John Wick and Omega. Raven is a scary looking character which makes it really special of the battle royale.

Besides that, you will also get beautiful scene from Fortnite game as the main layer of the invitations, along with awesome Text Frame + Fortnite Logo. You can write down every details of your party in the designated place (White Text Frame), such as Where your party is going to be held, when the party will begin and so on. FYI, I picked those awesome character based on the 10 best Fortnite’s characters/skins which is commonly used by famous streamers, like Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and Turner “Tfue” Tenney.





Right next the “Fortnite’s Character”, and as i have mentioned it in above, I’ve already made a pretty large space of Text Frame/Text Box, so you can write down your party detailed information. Have you thinking about the wording? If you haven’t yet, I also made an example for you. Here they are:

Wording Tips

You’re Invited!

Hop On The Battle Bus

And Join Us For

Epic Battle-Royale Party


Is Turning 5th

Saturday, June 25 | 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Liam’s House

123 Epic Street

RSVP  To My Mom At 123-45678



Feel free to use them and do a small customization to suit the card with your own style and personalities. If you’re wondering how to download these cute template, please follows these instructions:

  1. Choose your template design
  2. Move your mouse pointer and Left-Click the template
  3. Wait for a while, a new page will be appeared
  4. Right-click the template and choose “save image as” to save it
  5. Locate where the file will be saved in your device and Enter
  6. If the download process is finished, check your default download location and open them using Ms. Paint or Word.
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