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When Turning 1 is a big hit, so your baby’s 1st birthday should be a big deal too. Anyway, whether this party is your baby’s first milestone or another special party to celebrate their achievement – like having a good report cards, every kids deserves a special party.  Express your love and support through a joyful party with your family member, friends and also don’t forget to ask your kid’s buddies to come as well. Everyone is going to be eager to receive your party invitation.

Wait! Yeah, that’s right! You should put your “invitation” right after deciding your party concept / theme. Do you have something in mind? If you haven’t yet, how about these one? This fluffy clouds themed invitation is a perfect choice to show how your party is going to be held. Your invites will be decorated in such beautiful color scheme along with colorful rainbow, adorable fluffy clouds and puffy sleeping elephants to crack your guest’s smile even if they just receiving and reading these lovely invitation.







How To Download

This special birthday party does not have to be an expensive production, it really is the little things that are remembered. In a nutshell, you can match the whole concept with your current budget. To help you minimizing your budget, you can print your template at your home using your own printer device, because our template comes in the most compatible image format (JPG). If you want to download this lovely fluffy clouds, take a look at this following instructions,

  1. Click on your selection.
  2. Wait a moment – a mini pop pup page will appear.
  3. Right click the image and Choose “Save Image As”.
  4. Locate where you want the file will be saved in to your device.
  5. Tap “Enter” on your keyboard.
  6. To open the template files using Microsoft Word or Paint.

Don’t forget to put every detailed information regarding your upcoming party, and give your guests a guidance or directions – so if someone come from outside the city could easily get into your delightful party without having to spend a lot of time to open and see Google Maps.

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