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Wanna see how to invite everyone with epic Fortnite invitations?

Does your kid or baby really like and crave unique and cool theme like Battleroyale for his upcoming birthday? Really? Then, without a doubt, you need to bring the super-awesome Fortnite characters onto the Land. Could I tell you some stories? Thank you. Back in 2017, when the Fortnite was officially released, my son asked me a favor, to host awesome birthday party with his friend.

Since that day, those concept was stuck on my mind for few days. Finally, I could start to determine how my birthday boy’s party should look like and what should I do to make the party invitation looks better with such awesome concept and characters.

First thing first (You can see it in down below), I find some information and references on Internet and started drawing a few sketches, such as drawing beautiful scene from Fortnite and placed them as the main layer. Besides that, I also put bunch of character and skin from Fortnite, such as Raptor, Panda, Ginger Gunner and so on. As additional information, I picked those awesome character based on the 10 best Fortnite’s characters/skins which is commonly used by famous streamers, like Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and Turner “Tfue” Tenney.








Everyone will be falling in love with these one for sure, invite all the Fortnite-head to have fun and enjoy the sweet threats.

6 customizable and printable template that you can personalize it without having to worry to spend your money even for a little cash. How awesome could it be? Anyway, now you have got one of your crucial job done and you can download the template by following this “Download Tutorial” in below,

  • Right-Click your selected template
  • Select “Save Image As”, Locate your download folder
  • Tap “Enter” on your keyboard without seeing it 😹😽
  • Open the file on Microsoft Word or Paint app
  • Printing Material: You can either pick Card-stock, Linen, Kraft or the Standard text paper.
  • You can find and get various information about which paper is perfectly fit with your needs as well as your budget, maybe.
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