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Today’s design was requested by one of my friend, back in early 2019. At that time, she was expecting her baby, and according to the schedule, she might give-birth in the end of January. So, she decided to host a mini party and invite her family as well as close acquaintance to come. She asked me, if it is possible for me to craft invitation cards with less than 3 weeks of span. I agreed to help her, there is nothing impossible for me though.

Do you want to see it, right? Here they are,



This template has come with six different designs, each have their own unique design, I mean its own decoration. On its main layer, I decided to fill it up with Pristine White color, so the objects could stand out and everyone would be captivated, even they just had received your invitation.

You know what’s the main highlight of this card? Yeah! That’s right, on each side of the card, you will get a couple of Dazzling Gold Laces, kind of Trims & Ribbons design that commonly used for Royal Wedding or Birthday Party. Not only one, but you will get six different options as any template in our site has been packed with mind-blowing feature though; Printable and Editable Format (JPG) File. Easy-to-customize, and you could finish it in just a couple of minutes, folks.






How To Download

  1. Right-Click each one of your selection, select “Save Image As”
  2. Locate the folder, or just leave it as it is
  3. Click “Save”, or tap “Enter” to start the download process


Choosing the perfect printing material (Paper)

When it comes to wedding stationery, there are two basic paper weights:

  • Text paper: This is the paper you have in your home printer (the ‘letterhead’ paper). It comes in various weights, generally between 20-80 lbs.
  • Card-stock paper: This paper will remind you of a postcard or a business card (sturdy, doesn’t bent easily like the other type of paper).

I’d recommend you to pick at least 80-100 lbs paper, if you go beyond those limit, I think most conventional printing device won’t be able to feed the paper. So, make sure to check some information related to your printing “Specification” as well as which paper that suitable with your device, as well as your current budget.

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