FREE Printable Little Peanut Elephant Invitation Templates

Little Peanut Elephant Invitation is a nice option for being a baby shower invitation. It looks neutral for welcoming baby boy or girl. It is working nicely to edit in some details so that you can create your own baby shower invitation at home. The combination of Tosca and black color looks so elegant.

How to Download

To download this invitation, you can download it instantly. You can download it in a JPG or PDF file. Then, you can open it to Adobe Reader. If you select a JPG, you have to convert it. Try to select a button of Download if you want to download it for being a baby shower invitation.

How to Edit It

To customize and edit this Little Peanut Elephant Invitation, you may obey the following steps. Firstly, open the template of this invitation in Adobe Reader in your computer. After that, take a choice of one line text in one time. Start to type. Change one text line with yourself line. Don’t cut and attach your words because it ruins the fonts.






How to Print It

After downloading and editing it, it is time to print the invitation. You can print it at home. For the best result, print it on the white or bright paper. Manage the printing quality to the photo or high-quality printing. The letter size must be 8.5x 11 inches. Print it from Adobe Reader and make sure that you select an actual size in the printing setting. Work to the laser and inkjet printer.

The Added Details in The Template

To add some details in the template, you can edit it. The details can be name, place, time, date, agenda, RSVP, and dress code.

The Best Material for Printing the Invitation Template

You can print this template on Nettuno paper. The Little Peanut Elephant Invitation offers an artistic impression with unique line textures to Aquarelle paper. It looks amazing for printing this baby shower invitation.


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