(FREE Printable) – Rectangle Frame Birthday Invitation Templates

Hi Guys! How was your birthday party last year? Really? That’s sounds good. Okay, I’m gonna share another template for you, so you can get prepared with pretty much all the hectic stuff. Can’t be eager to wait to see my newest creation? Go check the template in down below, folks!

Let me explain why I decided to pick these beautiful design as one of my favorite design to date. The answer is clearly because I do love them so much, and I can’t wait to share it with y’all, my audience. Ha-ha! Yeah, this is true (😎😋). Thus, I made this template for all of you and hope y’all enjoyed the result.


You see it right? What are your thoughts? It looks so beautiful, doesn’t it? Leave a comment in down below, let me know what are you gonna tell about these templates. I’ve made this template in plenty of options, so you can choose which design that suit you the most and use them as the final design of your party invitation.

As I have mentioned it, you can freely choose each one of these design and it’s absolutely free. As we can see, I’ve decorated the template with Pristine White background as its background, along with bunch of Leaves in stunning Metallic finished, as well as dazzling Text Frame, which is decorated with such good-looking design (Gold Frame, Transparent Effect, etc.). Besides that, you will also get stunning flowers on each corner of the card, to captivate your guests and lure them to join your awesome party.





Can’t wait to have these cute template as your notebook cover? Below you will find step-by-step instructions how to download them and some useful information for you:

  1. Pick your desired template, move your mouse pointer on top of them
  2. Right click the image and a new page will popping up
  3. Choose save image as and locate where the template will be saved
  4. Then tap your Enter key or click Save
  5. Printing Paper: Text paper or Glossy paper

As we already mentioned it above, for printing material you can use card-stock paper, text paper and so on.  For this type of occasion, we suggest you to pick the text paper, they come in various kinds of textures, thicknesses and colors, choose the thinner paper, as it’s easier to deal with.

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