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Hi, my loyal audience! Yesterday, my close mates recently had a mini special event which is dedicated to their baby’s first milestone. Tears down on my face tho, after seeing them holding their first baby and how happy they are, when they had all their loved ones come and sit together will wishing and showering the baby with warm-wishes and sweet gifts. The way they handle the party was stunned everyone, it’s kinda simple, they hosted a beautiful white and gold of Beauty and The Beast themed shower party.

A couple days ago, they pay a visit to my crib and asked me to help them and wanted to pay me to craft a beautiful white and gold invitations and put The Beauty and The Beast as the whole concept. But I said no tho, of course I really glad and want to help them, but as long as I could handle it by myself, my design is free for everyone.

First of all, I started drawing the sketch and put everything that they wish to be included in the final draft. To make it short, you can take a look at the template down below.



You see it right? Okay, I granted all their wish-list items into this templates, guys. This templates offers a pure white and dazzling gold color-scheme. Gold background, gold ribbon, and even the beautiful Belle also wearing a stunning dress which consists of Gold Fabric along with some Pure White accent. To furnish the blank spaces, I decided to adorn the layer with cute drawing of Lumiere the enchanting Candelabrum, Cogsworth and Mrs. Pot. Besides that, you will also get Vintage Silhouette of Leaves and Disney’s Castle.





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