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Whether you are one over a hundred, you likely have a soft and sweet spot for everyone’s favorite slime party. Slime parties are super popular lately, the revival of the slime trend started in 2015 with a few young people posting slime videos showing how to make slime as well as videos of people playing with slime in Instagram. Since then, it’s the best kind of messy, creative, blast, these are three reasons you should consider throwing an epic slime party for your child’s next birthday! Meanwhile, as may already know that, when it comes to party – you are going to need a party invitation, right? Yeah, and you should consider to place them first over anything.

You can many ideas regarding how to make your own party invitation, but what about the design itself? Of course, you can also get them on the internet as many as possible, but most of the time – it isn’t free though! How bad is that?. To solve those problem, you can take a look at our template collections, there are hundreds template design, from wedding invitation, to the adorable baby shower invitation like in this following page. Did you already choose your design? As we’ve mentioned it in above, this Slime party themed invitation could be the perfect choice for your special party.

Are you ready to slime-ized your party?

This templates offers a super cute and easy customization. The background layer will be filled up with gorgeous melted-slime, and they comes in six different styles though – so you can choose which one you are going to use. Besides that, there is a designated text-box with a transparent white background, it’s very useful for you – so you can write down your party detailed information on it.





How To Download

Can you imagine how amazed your friends and families are? With this well-designed invitation card, sure they will come and enjoy your special party. Before you dive deeper into the sea of happiness, you have to download the template first and do the customization. Here are a few things you’ll need to do to download them:

  1. Choose your template
  2. Left-click your selected template, and wait for a second
  3. A new page will be popped up – then Right-Click the image/template
  4. Choose “save image as” and tap “Enter” on your keyboard.
  5. And now the downloading process will begin shortly
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