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Hey boy! Never try the slumber birthday party kits because it is only for girls. The slumber party is a unique celebration where the parties use nightdress and it does in the bedroom. People can decorate the place such as in a bed or bedroom. How about the water bottle label, hat, invitation, and the cupcake topper templates? Of course, the nuance and design resemble that. You should watch the slumber themed birthday party kits free printable alone. Well, watch alone below!

Slumber Birthday Party Kits: What is it?

Usually, the party brings a sleepover concept where the guests will wear nightdresses. The party itself does not need a lot of parties and it starts after midnight. They will wait for the time while talking and then hold the party all night. Even though, you can make it a little bit different according to your creativity. You may hold the party in daylight but the concept looks like at night. Yes, you can modify it alone!

Download the Customize!

The matter of downloading templates in the slumber theme is a piece of cake. As long as you trust Drevio does it alone, everything is okay. Even, the results are ready to save in minutes! The most important thing is you should:

  • Do not forget to save before printing, copying, and saving!
  • Customize here https://canvas.drevio.com/start/ to finish the design of the invitation with detailed information.
  • If you want to print the invitation as well we the hat templates, use heavy card stock paper!
  • Next, you need adhesive both from tape and glue! Besides that, you must prepare the hat strap both from ribbon and strings. After that, use them to complete your cone-shaped hat through the dotted lines.







What else? It is nothing to do besides spreading the invitation and finish the remaining duties. You do not need to print if you want to use email or other social media to send the invitation. Okay, those are things to do with slumber birthday party kits! Good luck and thank you!

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