(FREE Printable) – Spectacular PUBG Birthday Invitation Templates

Do you want to see how awesome could it be?

Okay! Let me explain it for you, the fight for battle royale supremacy has entered a new arena, with both PUBG Mobile and Fortnite competing each other for a bigger piece of the mobile gaming pie and users. “My little son once said that, “We are players. We have played PUBG for days and nights together. So we need to came up with the whole new idea of PUBG-themed Party. And I immediately loved those ideas though, the idea which my little boy could proudly present it to his friends or gangs (😂).

As you might see, I’ve made this template design with lots of effort peeps! Hope you enjoyed my creation. You see it right? Well, the main layer of the card (Background) will be presented the signature scene of Intense Gun-Fight in PUBG’s Battlefield. On top of them, you’re gonna get awesome graphics of PUBG Characters and skins, as well as fully customized weapons such as, UMP-45, the famous AK-47 and last but not least, the glorious Level 3 Helmet which protects you from the deadly Magnum (AWM).

In addition, I also made this following templates in two different design, one for landscape, and the other one would be having the portrait orientation and you can still do customize ‘em whatever you want. The last “Part” of our design is Text Box or people may know it as Text Frame, it is where you can add the party details.





I almost forget to mention the photo frame, you can put your kid or baby’s photo on it to make it even more eye-catchy to your guests. By the way, now you’ve finished one of the crucial part, and the next step would be the arranging and decorating process. Do you want another tips? Well. Stay in your seat and read the whole article, because at the end, you will get our list for PUBG-inspired party decoration.

  1. PUBG-themed Decoration (What should to include)
  • (Mimicking the experience of entering a PUBG battlefield, you can hang airplane toys and some parachutes.)
  • Green curtain, brown table-cloth, some artworks or posters.
  • Birthday party Cake, Cupcake, Donut and Drinks (You already know what they are)
  • Air-drop Box (To place all gifts from your guests)
  • Birthday Party Games






Editing and Printing Tips

  1. To edit our template, you’re going to need to download them first (Right Click – Save Image as)
  2. Then open the file using Ms. Word, Adobe Photoshop or even Paint app.
  3. Printing paper comes with various kinds of textures, types and colors.
  4. I suggest you to pick card-stock paper because this one is the most favorable paper for this type of occasion and relatively easy to find.
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