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Hi peeps! How was your day? Me? Hm, not that good actually, I need to finish a big pile of project tho. Anyway, I hope you were doing great and stay awesome, folks! Today, I recently made a new template for my collection. Yeah! I made another cute and super-fun template and use the timeless Mario Characters to adorn these custom party invitation.

As we can see, this templates will remind us on how awesome and beautiful our childhood memories were, I kinda sad with how time flies so hella fast. One of my current project is bringing various old-gold memories to our kids, and I really want it so bad. Thanks to my loyal audience, who gives me a lot of support and – Finally, I could proudly present my “remake-project” in these following “Super Mario” template.

You see it? Yeah, this template has a plenty options of Mario that you can choose, from Flying Mario, to Mario wearing a cute Tanooki Racoon Suit. Besides that, this template will also have another surprises for you, like the iconic Scene of Super Mario Bros in Nintendo, a classic “Pixelated” graphics and the annoying pipes (For me, 😅), which we needs to “jump up” those pipes and defeats each chapter bosses.




You can pick your favorite design and you don’t have to pay it, even for a single penny. By the way, these templates also comes in six different of design/orientation, from portrait to landscape design with adorable Super Mario’s head adorned the white pixelated “Text Frame”. Surely, you need to Get them all now! It’s free dudes. Bring your dream as well as your kid’s fantasy comes true and don’t forget to invite you kid’s gang as well, to enjoy the super fun Mario World themed party.





In addition, you can add this tiny details in your invitation to boost up the cuteness value of the design. To add this following wording, you can use a simple app like Microsoft word or Paint, it’s relatively easy to use and has tons of features. Okay2x I’m done. Here we go,


It’s (Name) Birthday!

And we’re celebrating our

Super Boy!

It will be his 7th birthday!

So let’s give him a cheer

Hope you can come to our party here:

Location | Date | Time

RSVP To My Mom

At (321) – 88765432



  1. Right Click your favorite design.
  2. Select “Save Image As”.
  3. Tap “Enter” or click “Save” to start the download process.
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