FREE Printable Vintage Flower Framed Watercolor Invitations Templates – Marble Style

Framed, asymmetric frames are being popular right now. Asymmetrical frame with vintage flower invitations, so many people loves it. Today, we want to share free printable vintage watercolor invitation templates with marble background. The marble background will make the invitation looks so stunning and got the premium feeling! 🙂

Comes in very simple templates, these vintage invitations are free to use for your personal use only. You are not permitted to use it for commercial use, at all. If you love it, just share and spread the words 🙂

Comes in 7×5″ in portrait position, it comes with high quality images. You can download the invitation, then write down your party details with a pen or a marker. It works perfectly if you are able to write classic writing style. Write down your party details like, time, date and location of your birthday party.

Make it more beautiful by editing the invitation via Photoshop or Coreldraw. Add fancy text and great wording to the invitations.
By the way you can download the invitations below :













How to download the invitations ?
Simple! Click on the invitation that you want to download, then right click on your mouse and Save Image as. Save it on your desktop! And you’re ready to go.

Once you’re done filling your invitation with your wording, now you’re ready to print the invitation. You can use cardstock paper from Amazon. Cardstock paper will bring premium feelings and high quality looks to the invitations. Print and spread the invitations!

By the way, you can also send the invitation online, via Facebook messenger, or private message, Direct message or simply tag your friends with edited invitation. It will save so much money! 🙂

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