Mickey Mouse Birthday Invitations Ideas

When your child so much love Mickey Mouse, considering Mickey Mouse as his party theme will be awesome. Everybody know Mickey Mouse whether it’s adult or kids. Mickey Mouse gives some inspiration and fertile topic to work with when planning Mickey Mouse themed event. For that occasion, you need nice Mickey Mouse Birthday Invitations too.

Since its first appearance, Mickey Mouse has become so popular for a party theme. As it had so many icons, and influence it’s very easy to create an event based on Mickey Mouse. No need full picture, just draw some black hats, black hairs, yellow shoes, white gloves and red shorts with white buttons, people will know that you will held a Mickey Mouse Birthday theme. It’s your advantage, just design invitation using his fame by featuring some parts or pieces. Mickey Mouse memorabilia will works too. If you love simpler design, you can create flat design simple black and white invitations with gloves and shoes.

If you can deliver your invitations by yourself, you can wear some Mickey Mouse hat or pin when you’re delivered your invitations. Your guest will know it. It’s some examples of creative way to let them know about your party. Another ideas, you can also create edible Mickey Mouse Birthday invitations. You can create your own Mickey Mouse cookies invitation by using Mickey Mouse cake pan.

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