Modern Floral Invitation Templates – Editable .DOCX

This invitation card is the perfect combination of Today’s style, which is portrayed the classy looks finish through its Minimalist decorations. On the other “side”, we’ve “Floral”, this is a type of painting that focuses on delivering the message and beauty through its warm and soft color. In overall, this kind of invitation card is perfect solution for the newer generation like us, when we’re celebrating our special day, with pretty much every aspects needs to be special, like our party invitation card as well.


With all that being said, there is one last thing that you need to know it. From a couple weeks back, the recent templates in our collections will have and also comes with Docx File. I’ve designed and made them using Microsoft Word, so it provides you a better and easier customization, for both beginner and advanced user. Don’t forget to read a few of useful tips in down below.









A. Download

  • Click the provided download link above this instruction.
  • You will be directed to Google Drive page, so no-need to worry.
  • As soon as you reached that page, you will see the file has Rar file-extension, I’ve gathered it into single file, so you don’t need to manually click every single of them.
  • Click that “Red” download button and tap “Enter” to start.
  1. Important
  • Make sure to extract the file, first, using third-party apps like WinRar/7Zip.
  • Open the “Fonts” folder and install it.
  • Edit the template using Microsoft Word. (Note: almost 90% of stuffs in this template are editable, and placed in Text-Box)

B. Editing

  • To add new text box, Go to Insert > Text Box > Simple Text Box, or you can draw your own box.
  • As you can see, there are a couple of pre-existing text, delete it, then type your text.
  • To finish it, click anywhere, except the “document”.

C. Printing

  • Find some information related to Printing Material (E.g. Printing Paper), because there are many of them, so you can match it with your current budget.
  • If you want to spend more for the Quality, then go pick the Card-stock paper. It’s completely one of the best paper out there, having premium finish and so forth.
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