Robot Birthday Invitations

Planning for a birthday party can be so much fun, especiall for your kids or your loved ones. This time, we are going to take a look further about robot themed invitations. I always love picking invitations, particularly the ones with have unique style. The card is a front door for any occasion. So get your guest more than willing to come to your special moment with adorable robot themed invitations.

When I searched it on the internet, I found many cute robot designs in some websites. One that interested me is a combination of chalkboard invitation with robot theme from etsy. It has a simple layout with highlighting the birthday child’s name at the top. The choice font also looks just right with a colorful effect. They put the detail information in the middle and end it with three cute robot images at the bottom. Although the overall design is simple, but I always love the idea of chalkboard effect. It leaves the impression that it has been made special for you.

I also like the ones that have a photo in it. It just feels good to combine your child picture with robot images. You can simply put the photo on the left side and use another side to give more information about the party as well as the RSVP contact. In addition, you can put some lovely robot images in between the space. There are also some that you can find free in evite, but as you might expect from the free templates that have an ordinary design.  However, whichever you choose, make sure it deliver the cheer of the party.

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