Vintage Dude Invitation Templates – Editable With Microsoft Word

How can I surprise my husband on his birthday? Actually, there are hundred ways you can do. Let me give you some view, what if you take this chance to give him a little surprise? Something like having or throwing a mini birthday bash for him. It doesn’t need a lots of production cost though, if you go with the DIY route.

DIY Route? What’s that?

This is a sort of activity of decorating, building, or even doing some repairs at home by oneself/ourselves rather than employing a professional. You got it, right? okay, let’s move a bit to what you can do with DIY stuff. Let me give you some examples, and you can have it for free though, and use it as your material.

Vintage Dude Invitation, this is how we called it. A perfect invitation card for your gentleman’s special day, for his special 40th Birthday. Thus, we make it looks as cool & awesome as possible. This template has six different designs, in portrait orientation, and decorated with many Vintage ornaments. All of them are editable with Microsoft Word. How come? Yeah, it’s possible. As I’ve designed and made it happens just by using Ms. Word, so anyone of you, for beginner out there, you are also able to do it though.










A. Download

  • Click the provided download link above this instruction.
  • You will be directed to Google Drive page, so no-need to worry.
  • As soon as you reached that page, you will see the file has Rar file-extension, I’ve gathered it into single file, so you don’t need to manually click every single of them.
  • Click that “Red” download button and tap “Enter” to start.

B. Editing & Printing

  • Before you begun editing the template, you need to install all of the fonts inside the “Fonts” folder.
  • Then open the file with Ms. Word.
  • (Note)
    • Before you print the file, go find some information about Printing Paper that suit your needs as well as your current budget.
    • If you don’t mind with spending a little extra bucks, then go pick the “Card-stock” paper. This paper is good all-rounder for any occasions, especially for this type of occasion.
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