Winter Onederland Invitation Templates – Editable .Docx

What’s good for this upcoming Winter? Yeah, now we have approximately 3 months ahead to Winter, well, we can prepare a lot of things for that. Especially for us, as a mommy, and we’re lucky enough to have son or daughter that their birthday is in Winter. If you wondered on what else can I do for them? Chills out, these following ideas could be the perfect gift for them.

Here they are, Winter One-derland. Turn your home into whole Wonderland for a day, and let your kid to invite all her/his buddies to come and play at your own playground. Feel free to use this template for your invitation card, we won’t charge you and yup, you can do it at home, and maybe you can ask some help to your husband, it will make it even better.

This Winter One-derland themed invitation card comes in Six different styles. You can choose your own favorite, such as Light Pink or Turquoise Striped background, Pink Glitter wording, and even you also got the option to replace it with your own “item”, as it’s editable with Microsoft Word.









Download Information

  • You’re going to see the download button in above, click that and Google drive will be shown up soon.
  • It’s the place where we stored our files, so it can be 100% safe from virus.
  • To download the template, click “Download” > Save.

How it Works

  • Once the download process is finished, open the file with WinRar or sort of, then access the Fonts folder, all of those fonts have to be installed first.
  • Insert your text or party information to the template. Use Microsoft Word 2007 or above, this is why I want you to install all the font first, because if you haven’t installed it yet, it won’t displayed correctly.
  • Don’t forget to save every time you makes changes to the template, in case your device got blank or sort of.
  • Print the template on 5×7 card-stock paper. This is my personal recommendation, if you want to go with another types of paper, sure you can do that.
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