animal print birthday invitations

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When it’s time to party, the most exciting thing is the preparation itsself. Therefore many people are willing to spend much time and money to make their celebration goes swimmingly. As for the invitations, why don’t you try something different yet still adorable this time. Applying animal print to the design will make it look beautiful in different way. There are so many of them that you can find in the online stores. Some of the are free, while the others are payable. Make a good selection for those which interest you the most.

If you like simplicity, you can find an simple animal print invite in greetingsisland. It is basically has a sweer zebra stripes frame aroun the card with a pink touch in the middle. You can enter your wording as well as the details in the center. If you want something merrier, you could go to zazzle and find many attractive designs. Some of them have cute animal figures standing in a cute pose. My favorite design has the zebra stripes frame at the top and blue cow pattern at the bottom. In between those frames there is a green line which seperates both of them. In addition, to make the template looks funnier, a cute hanging monkey at the top left, a funny girrafe at the bottom left, and an adorable tiny baby lion which sits under a tree at the bottom right. You can play with different animal prints and combine it in a template. Don’t afraid to present them in cute colors such as pink, green, or blue and play with your creative imagination to create a unique design.

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